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Electronic health records

Practice Incentive Program e-health incentive (ePIP)

IMPORTANT UPDATE: To meet Requirement 2 – Secure Messaging Capability,  general practices will be provided with additional time to commission a compliant secure messaging product. Practices will be considered to comply with Requirement 2 of the PIP eHealth Incentive if by 1 August 2013 they have booked, arranged or registered for a compliant secure messaging product to be commissioned. This commissioning must then be completed by 31 October 2013 at the latest.

For auditing purposes practices must retain evidence that a suitable booking has been arranged by 1 August 2013. For further information on this matter please email or call the PIP enquiry line on 1800 222 032

To comply with the new ePIP, general practices must meet five requirements.

Four new requirements were introduced on 1 February 2013, with the fifth requirement to be introduced from 1 May 2013.

From 1 February 2013, practices must:

Requirement 1 - Integrating Healthcare Identifiers into Electronic Practice Records

  • apply for a Healthcare Identifier – Organisation (HPI-O)
  • integrate Healthcare Identifiers into electronic practice records

Requirement 2 – Secure Messaging Capability

  • have standards-compliant secure messaging capability to send and receive clinical messages.
  • have a written policy to encourage the use of secure messaging

Requirement 3 – Data Records and Clinical Coding

  • be working towards electronic clinical coding for diagnoses for active patients

Requirement 4 – Electronic Transfer of Prescriptions

  • be sending the majority of prescriptions electronically to a prescription exchange service.

From 1 May 2013, practices must:

Requirement 5 – Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR) System

  • have applied to participate in the personally controlled electronic health record (PCEHR) system
  • have software selected from the PIP eHealth Product Register for the Personally Controlled Electronic Health (eHealth) Record System
  • have installed and configured PCEHR compliant software according to the software provider’s implementation guidelines, to post shared health summaries and event summaries.

For information on PCEHR compliant software, go to

The eligibility requirements are outlined in the Practice Incentives Program–eHealth Incentive Guidelines.

Further information is available at

ePIP Policy templates

The RACGP has developed a range of practice policy templates for general practices to adapt to their individual practice needs when registering and complying with the requirements for the eHealth Practice Incentive Program (ePIP).

The practice policy templates are available for download below, and cover secure messaging delivery, clinical coding terminologies, electronic transfer of prescriptions and the PCEHR.



A practice update – new eligibility requirements for the ePIP (pdf 24KB)

Your practice must meet the first four eligibility requirements from 1 February 2013 to be eligible for the May 2013 eHealth Incentive payment.


An ePIP eligibility checklist (pdf 68KB)

Updated April 2013. The checklist is intended to help establish eligibility for the Practice Incentives Program (PIP) eHealth Incentive and should be read in conjunction with the PIP eHealth Incentive Guidelines.


Policy template - Policy on the use of standards-compliant secure messaging (doc 978KB)

To ensure that our practice utilises standards-compliant secure messaging systems that have the capability to both securely send and transmit clinical messages to and from other healthcare providers.


Policy template - Practice policy on the use of electronic transfer of prescriptions (ETP) (doc 843KB)

To ensure the majority of prescriptions generated by our practice are sent electronically to a prescription exchange service (PES).


Policy template - Practice policy on the use of clinical coding terminologies in the practice clinical software (doc 977KB)

To ensure that important elements of patients’ health information is recorded in their health record consistently and regardless of the provider they see.


Policy template - Practice policy on the personally controlled electronic health (eHealth) record system (doc 978KB)

To ensure that our practice has registered and obtained appropriate authorisation to participate in the personally controlled electronic health (eHealth) record system and is utilising compliant GP desktop software to access it.


DHS FACT Sheet: eHealth Record System registration and provider authorisation links in HPOS (pdf 55KB)

Healthcare Provider Organisations that are registered in the HI Service and have an active HPI-O number can perform some functions in the Department of Human Services’ Health Professional Online Services (HPOS) facility.


DHS PIP eHealth Incentive letter - 22 April 2013 (pdf 42KB)

This letter was sent from DHS to all practices on the 22nd April as a reminder that ePIP requirement 5 will be introduced on 1 May 2013.



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