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The RACGP Foundation



* All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. *

Donate to the RACGP Foundation

The RACGP recognises the important contribution research makes to everyday practice. The RACGP Foundation supports general practitioners to conduct research into the primary healthcare and develop research career pathways.

We offer grants, scholarships, fellowships and awards to RACGP members. The Foundation provides support to:

Supporting the RACGP Foundation

My wife, Dr Jill Rosenblatt and I have donated to the RACGP Foundation and we encourage RACGP members to consider a donation as well. The advancement of quality health care in Australia relies on encouraging more evidence-based research by our RACGP members. This year over $500k in grants were made available by the RACGP but with 65 applications this year alone, more funding is necessary to meet this growing demand.  Join us in supporting the work of the RACGP Foundation.

Prof John Murtagh

  • medical students
  • GP registrars
  • GPs and early career researchers
  • and established GP researchers.

Please help us to continue to offer vital GP research grants. Together we can make a difference in general practice.

To donate over the phone call 1800 331 626

To donate by cheque or money order download the Donation Form below and return it to the following address:

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners – Foundation,
PO Box 217
East Melbourne VIC 8002

Sponsorship and Partnership Opportunities

Through a total RACGP partnership package, the RACGP Foundation is eager to expand the Foundation program to offer GPs more grants each year with higher dollar values. The Foundation is keen to partner with health associations in both 50/50 shared funding or 100% offered annual grants representing the association's area of discipline. The RACGP Foundation is also eager to partner with corporations offering 100% annual funded grants where practical topics impacting GPs are addressed that also help to promote the sponsor's strategic direction.

Benefits of Sponsorship

There are numerous benefits with being a Corporate Sponsor of The RACGP Foundation, these include:

  • Recognition of all partners and sponsors at award ceremonies at national and/or state based ceremonies;
  • Large projects will have their own RACGP website outlining the research or study, sponsorship and outcomes of the work;
  • Brand exposure via The Foundation webpage;
  • Enhancing your company's image through being a philanthropic sponsor; and
  • Being part of furthering general practice research.

Current Supporters of the RACGP Foundation

The RACGP Foundation would like to acknowledge the generosity of the individuals and companies who have made financial contributions which ensure the ongoing funding of projects, research grants and scholarships in the field of general practice.

Corporate Partnerships:

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  • IPN logo
  • pc4 logo

Member Donations 2015-2016

We would like to thank the following people for their generosity to the RACGP Foundation this financial year: 
Dr Karyn Alexander, Dr Lisa Amir, Dr Catriona Arnold-Nott, Dr Corey Birch, Dr Penny Burns, Dr Silvia Clavero, Dr Kaveh Eghtesadi, Dr Abra Fransch, Dr Mohsen Hassani, Dr Nyi Nyi Hlaing, Dr Mazharul Islam, Dr Sujatha Kanukutla, Dr Maria Cristina Landagan, Dr Alan Leeb, Dr Brian McLaughlin, Dr Julian Ma, Dr Sophie Mancy-Jones, Dr Madan Mariappan, Dr Muniswaran N.Letchumanan, Dr Onoja Edward Ogiji, Dr Bob Oumo, Dr Mythily Ramanathan, Dr Thiyagarajan Ramasamy, Dr Anthony Rixon, Dr Lena Sanci, Dr Rajan Sarin, Dr Anuradha Panneer Selvam, Dr Vaneet Shah, Dr Sivagowry Sivakumar, Dr Vincent Strangio, Dr Ali Taheri, Dr Siew-Lee Thoo, Dr Lyle Turner Dr Aishah Zain and our 68 other donors.  

Donations over $100: 
Dr Ruth Baigent, Dr Daniel Byrne, Dr Eleanor Chew, Dr Min Li Chong, Dr Talat Choudhry, Dr Michael Fasher, Dr Paul Fitzgerald, Dr Karen M Flegg, Dr Seema Ghafoor, Prof Mark Harris, Dr Rosalyn Hunt, Prof Frank Jones, Dr Peter Joseph, Dr Emma Kennedy, Dr Andrew Kerwin, Dr Rosita Louis, Dr Heather Munro, Prof Mark Nelson, Dr Gopi Patel, Dr Vajna Rafeek, Dr Penelope Roberts-Thomson, Dr Marie Shieh, Dr Mary-Anne Sutherland, Dr Carville Tolson, Prof Stephen Trumble, Dr Jane Wadsley, Dr Allan Walley and 18 other donors.

Donation and bequest forms can be posted to:
The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners,
100 Wellington Parade,
East Melbourne, VIC 3002

Or sent via email to:

Contact details
For further information about The RACGP Foundation, please phone (03) 8699 0497 or email

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