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Advertising opportunities and rates

Advertising opportunities and rates

Australian Family Physician

Australian Family Physician coverAustralian Family Physician (AFP) – Australia’s only peer-reviewed, MEDLINE-listed and SCIE-indexed journal for GPs – is Australia’s leading general practice journal and highest circulating medical title.

AFP understands, informs and assists GPs in their daily work. Original, relevant and concise, AFP’s high-quality research articles and practical clinical updates have earned the journal an international reputation. Coupled with being Australia’s best-read medical journal, AFP presents a smart way for your brand or service to connect with 35,000 members in Australia.

Good Practice

Good Practice coverGood Practice is the RACGP’s monthly news magazine, highlighting the issues that affect general practice in Australia today. Delivered to 33,000 members each month as a supplement to AFP, Good Practice features in-depth stories, medical news and views – reported at both a national and local level. Regular features include business, technology, e-health, reviews and updates, profiles and lifestyle. For advertisers, Good Practice offers a variety of advertising options at rates designed to help you get in touch with the general practice market.


Check logoThe RACGP check program, an independent learning program and QI&CPD activity, has been running for over 30 years.

Each check unit focuses on a particular topic and provides a range of case studies with questions and answers, written and peer reviewed by expert clinicians, and tailored for GPs to test their skills in regard to clinical history, examination, investigation and/or management of a problem. check offers GPs the option to complete the activity online, or to receive a printed hard copy, published quarterly. More than 7,000 RACGP members receive the printed edition, and more than 21,000 receive the PDF version through the monthly check email.

Each PDF edition of check offers a limited number of full page advertising opportunities to support GP education while promoting relevant products and services. Advertisements are also included in the print edition and further opportunities exist in the check email.

RACGP digital media

RACGP Website

RACGP web siteThe RACGP website is an integral part of the organisation’s communications and publication systems. GPs visit the RACGP website to read the latest news, articles from AFP, gain access to online knowledge bases, and view RACGP administrative and member information.

In total, receives more than 6.5 million page views a year, with over 40,000 users a month.

In Practice

In Practice imageAs GPs receive so much written information today, the RACGP has designed In Practice (formerly known as FridayFacts) to deliver content that is concise but informative. In Practice is extremely well received by more than 28,000 GPs and clinic personnel around the country, delivering timely news, information and alerts for doctors every Tuesday and Friday. RACGP In Practice is an ‘opt-in’ service distributed as an html email.


AFP eTable of Contents (eTOC) highlights all articles of the latest AFP with a brief synopsis and link to AFP online. Timed to the delivery of the printed edition of AFP, the AFP eTOC provides access to articles in html and a PDF download.

AFP eTOC is sent to an average of 20,000 recipients every month as an html email linking directly to AFP online and related articles. Typical open rates of 30% result in 6,000 unique visual impacts for your advertised message to engage with GPs.

State and national faculty newsletters

State faculty newsletters coverEach RACGP state and national faculty produces an e-newsletter that is distributed on either a monthly or quarterly basis. The target audience includes GPs, academics, registrars, medical students, practice managers and nurses, as well as various business and government stakeholders in the general practice profession.

The e-newsletters detail faculty-run events including workshops, conferences and education courses. They also deliver timely and relevant faculty-specific news, informative national and international medical news and up-to-date information regarding the health industry and the general practice profession. Circulation figures for each state range from 500 to 5,000 copies.

Bush Alert

Bush Alert coverBush Alert is the RACGP National Rural Faculty’s (NRF’s) e-newsletter. It is distributed bi-monthly and offers relevant, interesting articles and updates to over 9,200 readers. The NRF provides advocacy and support for its members and is a progressive, dynamic and innovative faculty of the RACGP. Bush Alert offers a unique way to reach GPs, registrars, students and academics who work in, or have an interest in, rural and remote health.

GP Classifieds

Hosted on the RACGP website, GP Classifieds is an online classified with job positions from Australia and overseas, offering the opportunity to post a state listing of 100 words for 30 days.

RACGP GP members, please note: this service is free to members; contact for more details.

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