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Regional Training Providers (RTP)

Vocational Training Standards

The RACGP is responsible for developing and maintaining the standards of general practice in Australia.

The RACGP Vocational Training Standards set out the quality measure for providers of general practice training, training posts that provide the invaluable learning environments and experiences for registrars, and the supervisors who mentor, train, assess and support them.

The RACGP Vocational Training Standards were developed cooperatively with a broad range of stakeholders and were implemented in January 2014.

RTPs that would like to trial different processes that meet the standards are encouraged to send an application to the Vocational Training Education Committee (VTEC). Examples of processes can include models of team supervision, remote supervision, ways of meeting requirements such as diversity of training to name a few. The RACGP VT Standards offer RTPs the opportunity to be innovative and meet registrar needs in the context of where they are practicing.

To submit a process to VTEC, complete the VTEC form and email to

For examples of approved supervision models relating to Blended/Team Supervision Models and Remote/Aboriginal Medical Services Supervision Models see Downloads below.

RACGP Curriculum for Australian General Practice

The curriculum is a dynamic document that addresses the essential learning needs of vocational general practitioners at every stage of their learning life. The curriculum supports medical educators provide candidates with a solid foundation of relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes.

Every three years the curriculum is reviewed and this will occur again throughout 2014. The major focus of the review will be bringing the curriculum into a competency-based framework. This process will streamline the curriculum and make it easier for all users to map it to their various activities, learning programs and assessments.

For ease of access, the curriculum can be downloaded to computers, tablets and phones. Please see the curriculum site.

RTP accreditation

The Bi-College RTP accreditation, round one review visits are well underway and will be complete by the end of 2015.

Questions about how the RTP can meet the RACGP VT Standards through Bi-College accreditation can be directed to Education Quality on 03 8699 0549 or by emailing

For general or specific enquiries regarding the Bi-College process, please contact the program manager

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