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Exam Results

A summary of exam results is sent via email to candidates on the scheduled results release date. Exam results are not posted, faxed or provided by telephone. If a candidate has opted out of email notification, they will not receive their exam result summary by email but can log into the RACGP website and obtain their results.

Individual results statements

Candidates can check their exam results at any time following the exam release date by logging into the Assessment and Enrolment Statement via the link below.

Assessment and Enrolment Statement

Public Exam Report

Following each examination the RACGP publishes information pertaining to the cohort performance and outcomes. This publicly available information can be found in “Result release dates” section below.

Applying for Fellowship

Candidates that successfully complete all exam segments (AKT, KFP and OSCE) can apply for admission to Fellowship via the Assessment and Enrolment Statement.

Successful candidate lists

A complete list of successful exam candidates (listed by RACGP number) will be published on the RACGP website on the date of exam results release. All candidates that attempted an exam segment can access their results from the Assessment and Enrolment Statement.

For any questions about exam results please contact the RACGP on 1800 626 901 or via email

Results release dates


SegmentAssessment Dates

Results Publication Date

Public Exam Report

AKT Saturday 4 February 2017 Thursday 16 March 2017 PDFPDF (713 KB)
KFP Saturday 4 February 2017 Wednesday 29 March 2017 PDFPDF (710 KB)
OSCE Saturday 27 May 2017 Thursday 6 July 2017 PDFPDF (707 KB)


SegmentAssessment Dates

Results Publication Date

AKT Saturday 15 July 2017 Thursday 24 August 2017
KFP Saturday 15 July 2017 Wednesday 13 September 2017
OSCE Sunday 12 November 2017 Thursday 14 December 2017


SegmentAssessment Dates

Results Publication Date

KFP Friday 2 February 2018 Tuesday 27 March 2018
AKT Saturday 3 February 2018 Thursday 15 March 2018
OSCE Saturday 26 May 2018 Thursday 5 July 2018


SegmentAssessment Dates

Results Publication Date

KFP Friday 13 July 2018 Wednesday 5 September 2018
AKT Saturday 14 July 2018 Thursday 23 August 2018
OSCE Sunday 11 November 2018 Monday 17 December 2018

Public exam reports archive

2016.1 AKT PDF PDF (690 KB) 2016.2 AKT PDF PDF (690 KB)
2016.1 KFP PDF PDF (239 KB) 2016.2 KFP PDF PDF (695 KB)
2016.1 OSCE PDF PDF (696 KB) 2016.2 OSCE PDF PDF (713 KB)

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