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Fellowship of the RACGP

Enrolment Dates

2014.1 Enrolment Period

AssessmentEnrolment dates
Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE) 9am AEDT 16 September 2013 – 5pm AEDT 28 March 2014

2014.2 Enrolment Period

AssessmentEnrolment dates
Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) & Key Feature Problems (KFP) 9am AEDT 11 March 2014 – 5pm AEDT 20 June 2014
Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE) 9am AEDT 11 March 2014 – 5pm AEDT 12 September 2014

For Practice Based Assessment (PBA) enrolment dates and fee information, please see the PBA page

Fees and exam dates for each segment (GST free and in AUD)


SegmentFee(AUD)Assessment DatesResults Publication Date
AKT $1805 Saturday 15 February 2014 Thursday 20 March 2014
KFP $1805 Saturday 15 February 2014 Thursday 17 April 2014
OSCE $3580 Saturday 17 May 2014 Friday 20 June 2014


SegmentFee(AUD)Assessment DatesResults Publication Date
AKT $1805 Saturday 9 August 2014 Friday 12 September 2014
KFP $1805 Saturday 9 August 2014 Friday 10 October 2014
OSCE $3580 Sunday 26 October 2014 Friday 28 November 2014

For information on the fee increases, please see the “Why have the fees increased?” document available below.

Payment options

Payment is made online at the time of enrolment via credit card

Financial hardship

The RACGP has a special consideration policy which allows for the provision of payment plans for those facing financial hardship. Please see the special consideration policy for further details,

Exam Venues

Alice Springs (NT) *  
Adelaide (SA) Adelaide (SA)
Brisbane (QLD) Brisbane (QLD)
Broken Hill (NSW) *  
Broome (WA) *  
Bundaberg (QLD) *  
Cairns (QLD) *  
Canberra (ACT) Canberra (ACT)
Darwin (NT) Darwin (NT) - only runs OSCE on a Sunday, usually in October
Hobart (TAS) Launceston (TAS)
Melbourne (VIC) Melbourne (VIC)
Mildura (VIC) *  
Perth (WA) Perth (WA)
Sydney (NSW) Sydney (NSW)
Townsville (QLD) Townsville (QLD)
Wagga Wagga (NSW) *
Warrnambool (VIC) *  

* These are regional venues which can only accommodate a limited number of candidates, and enrolments in these venues will be capped according to capacity

Venue Allocations

Venue allocation will be according to the closest available exam centre to your home address, or if no home address is on file, your practice address will be used. If your closest exam centre reaches full capacity, you will be allocated to the next closest available exam centre. Candidates will be allocated to the available positions at each exam centre by priority of enrolment date. Therefore candidates should enrol as early as possible for the best chance of being allocated to the exam centre closest to their home address.

If a candidate is allocated to an exam centre which is not the exam centre closest to their home address or practice address, the candidate may advise the College within 5 working days of being notified of the exam centre allocation that the candidate wishes to withdraw from the exam. In this case the candidate will be refunded the enrolment fee for that exam segment less an administration charge of $300. If a candidate elects to withdraw from an exam segment the candidate’s 3 year exam cycle will not be extended.

In circumstances where a candidate cannot attend another exam centre for medical reasons or due to other exceptional circumstances, a candidate may make a request for Special Consideration to be placed in a specific exam centre. These requests must be received no later than the last day of the enrolment period for the relevant exam, and sufficient documentation to support the request must be provided. Your venue allocation will be emailed to you four (4) weeks prior to each exam segment. You are advised to wait until your placement has been confirmed prior to making travel arrangements.


To be eligible to undertake one or more of the RACGP Fellowship assessment segments, applicants must be on one of the prescribed pathways to Fellowship. The pathways are:

  • Practice Eligible with recognised General Practice Experience
  • Practice Eligible with General Practice qualification
  • Specialist Pathway Program
  • AGPT Registrar
  • RVTS Registrar

See Becoming a GP for more information.

Medical Registration

Candidates are responsible for maintaining their eligibility throughout the assessment process. Notably, all candidates must hold current Australian medical registration at the time of enrolment and examination. Any candidate that loses their medical registration must notify the College immediately and withdraw from any College Assessment, and any candidate who fails to do so will be withdrawn by the College. All candidates will be charged as per the Withdrawal from Enrolment section of the Exam Handbook.


Please note that once enrolment has been completed and confirmed, any withdrawals will be subject to a $300 withdrawal fee per examination segment, except those received less then 29 days prior to the exam, which will be subject to an entire fee forfeiture. Please see the Withdrawal from Enrolment section of the Exam Handbook.

A guide to selecting the RACGP Fellowship assessment segments

Candidates are eligible to sit all or some of the exam segments. This enrolment period is only accepting enrolments for 2014.2 assessments. You can enrol in all three exams (AKT, KFP and OSCE) at one time or enrol in segments separately (during the enrolment period).

It remains a requirement of the RACGP that all three segments of the exam be completed within 3 years of passing the first segment of your exams in order to satisfy the requirements for Fellowship.

Enrolment in the AKT & OSCE

The AKT is a prerequisite for the OSCE. At the time of enrolment candidates are able to apply to enrol simultaneously in both the AKT and OSCE. In the case of an unsuccessful result in the AKT, the RACGP will automatically withdraw candidates from enrolment in the OSCE and issue a refund of fees.

Enrolment in the KFP

There is no prerequisite for the KFP.

Enrolment in the PBA

For information regarding the PBA, please see the PBA page.



Please visit to view the procedures/policies relevant to Fellowship assessment candidates. These are:

  • Academic Misconduct policy
  • Exam Handbook
  • Practice Eligible Handbook
  • Registrar Handbook
  • Special Consideration policy
  • Withdrawal from Enrolment in College Assessments policy

Please note that before you submit your enrolment you will be asked to declare that you have read and understood the policies as part of the terms of enrolment in the Fellowship assessments.


The RACGP has a Privacy Policy that reflects recent changes in Federal and State Privacy Legislation. You may obtain a full copy of the College's Policy from our website:

Please note that before you submit your enrolment you will be asked to declare that you have read and understood this policy as part of the terms of enrolment in the Fellowship assessments.

Please note:

  • Supporting documentation is no longer required at the time of enrolment, however audits will be undertaken to verify the accuracy of information provided online, for which supporting documentation may be requested
  • All information entered on the system must be correct as any falsified evidence may result in a case of academic misconduct
  • Candidates are able to enrol in one exam segment, log out, and return at a later date to enrol in another segment
  • If you have a result pending for a segment you cannot enrol in that same segment
  • Payments are only accepted by credit card for exams, and candidates receive an immediate email receipt of payment
  • Registrars must check with your RTP before enrolling as they need to authorise your enrolment.


For any enrolment queries please contact:

Fellowship Services Branch

Phone: 1800 626 901 (M-F 8am-8pm AEDT) 

Fill out the application

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