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Becoming a GP in Australia

Practice Based Assessment (PBA)

Practice Based Assessment (PBA) is an alternative College Fellowship Assessment for general practitioners who wish to achieve Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (FRACGP). 

The examination is only open to candidates who qualify via the Practice Eligible pathway and are actively working in general practice. 

PBA consists of three segments: 

  1. Examiner Clinical Visit (ECV) – The ECV is an assessment method using direct observation by an examiner. The examiner will visit the candidate's practice and observe a general practice session with the patients.
  2. Viva – The Viva is an assessment of applied knowledge and skills, clinical decision-making, health promotion, continuity of care, practice management and medical record keeping. An examiner will conduct and video record the Viva examination at an agreed scheduled venue.
  3. Recorded Video Consultations (RC) – The RC is an assessment of the applied knowledge, clinical reasoning, clinical skills, communication skills and professional attitudes in the context of consultations. Six examiners will assess the recorded video consultations submitted by a candidate.

The three segments are designed to assess competence to undertake unsupervised general practice in Australia.

PBA enrolment and segment completion

Candidates may only enrol in EITHER the PBA OR the RACGP Fellowship exam segments (AKT,KFP,OSCE) at any one time. The credits gained from either the PBA or the RACGP Fellowship exams cannot be 'mixed and matched'.

Candidates are expected to undertake all three PBA segments within one exam cycle and have three years (a triennium) from which they pass their first segment to successfully complete all other required segments.

It remains a requirement of the RACGP that all three segments of the exam be completed within 3 years of passing the first segment of your exams in order to satisfy the requirements for Fellowship.

Restrictions on exam attempts

After three unsuccessful attempts at the same exam segment, candidates will be required to show just cause to be able to enrol for a fourth attempt. If a candidate is unsuccessful again, further restrictions will apply according to Clause 1.4 of the Fellowship Exams Candidate Handbook.

Exam Timelines

Limited enrolments for 2016 exam cycles

For the 2016 exam cycles, the RACGP will not be accepting new enrolments for PBA. This is due to ongoing work to review and enhance PBA during which time new enrolments cannot be accommodated.

Enrolments for 2016.1 and 2016.2 will only be open to existing candidates who intend to re-sit specific PBA exam segments.

Existing candidates are considered to be those who have a pass in any of the three PBA exam segments which is still valid within the candidate’s three year cycle. The three year cycle commences from the date of the first successful completion of a PBA exam segment and concludes on the third anniversary of that date. Candidates whose three year cycle has expired will not be able to re-enrol

For existing candidates, the relevant dates for 2016 are as follows:

2016.1 exam cycle

Enrolment period NOW CLOSED

Professional Portfolio   15 January 2016
Recorded Consultations due 18 March 2016
Viva and ECV  14 March 2016 – 27 May 2016
Results published 1 September 2016

2016.2 exam cycle

Enrolment period 9 May 2016 – 10 June 2016

Professional Portfolio  15 July 2016
Recorded Consultations due 16 September 2016
Viva and ECV 29 August 2016 - 28 October 2016
Results published  March 2017 (date to be confirmed)

PBA Fees (GST free)

2016.1 & 2016.2

PBA (coupled=all segments)


Viva (uncoupled segment)


ECV (uncoupled segment)


RVC (uncoupled segment)


Financial hardship

The RACGP Special Consideration Policy allows for the provision of payment plans for those facing financial hardship. Please refer to for further details.

Payment options

Payment is made at the time of enrolment by either credit card or cheque. 
For detailed information, please refer to the PBA Handbook or contact Fellowship Services on 1800 626 901 or email

All appendices/forms relevant for enrolment into PBA are only available to existing PBA candidates and can be requested by emailing

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