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Latest Issue: August 2014

AFP Clinical Challenge

While the Clinical Challenge questions are still available in each month's issue of AFP, we have brought the Clinical Challenge to you online to improve the learning opportunities. You are still required to score a minimum of 12 out of 16 questions correct to be credited with 4 Group 2 points per hour, however now with Clinical Challenge Online you receive instant feedback as to whether you have satisfactorily completed the activity or not. Now you will also be able to read the relevant AFP journal articles online while completing the Clinical Challenge or you can choose to have your copy of AFP open as you work online.

Clinical Challenge provides you with the opportunity to:

  • complete all of the questions in one session, or over a number of sessions. If you leave the activity before completing it, your progress will be recorded. Next time you attempt this activity you will automatically resume at the question you last completed.
  • restart the Clinical Challenge as many times as you wish to achieve the QA&CPD requirement (minimum score of 12 correct answers)
  • view the question answers and feedback as soon as you have successfully completed the Clinical Challenge

As in the past each Clinical Challenge will only be available to you for QA&CPD points for one month as the answers will be published in the subsequent month's AFP journal. We will however have each Clinical Challenge available as an archived online activity for you to revisit and test yourself but there will be no QA&CPD points available for completion of these archived online activities.

To access AFP Clinical Challenge you need to login using your College/gplearning username and password.

If you need assistance please call theĀ gplearning helpdesk on 1800 284 789.